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Mulch helps to keep your yard looking  great. Besides looking nice, mulch is a multi-purpose yard product that also keeps your property healthy.  There are many reasons why mulch is important for your garden. A layer of groundcover will protect plants from harmful elements that may affect their growth.  During summer seasons, mulch holds moisture in the soil, so plants retain enough water. During winter, it acts like a blanket—protecting the roots from frost that can kill or severely affect plant growth. Mulching also helps keep weeds and unwanted grasses away. KX Lawn is your Lawrence IN mulch expert.

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Benefits of Mulch Installation

  • Weed Control

    A layer of coverage can prevent the germination of many weeds. Sunlight is blocked, which helps discourage weed growth without the need for herbicides.

  • Moisture Retention

    Water from rains and sprinkler systems trickle down through the layers and reach the root systems of plants. Sunlight is blocked, which prevents evaporation, and allows for better water retention.

  • Erosion Prevention

    Mulch and rocks are a great tool to utilize in certain areas of recurring erosion problems.

  • Temperature Control

    Groundcover serves as an insulating blanket, keeping your plants cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Extreme heat and cold can damage plants and cause nutrients to break down faster.

  • Improve Soils

    Organic materials break down over time, adding valuable material to your soils.

  • Appearance

    Quite simply, mulch just looks great. Mulch is often the finishing touch that brings uniformity to a great landscape design.

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Planting Trees? Plan on Mulching

Are you planning on planting trees this spring? We highly recommend you add groundcover around your tree saplings. Mulching will protect the tree from weeds, fluctuating temperatures, and soil erosion.  

Groundcover around young trees will also protect them from lawnmower damage. By removing grass immediately around the tree and replacing with mulch, there’s no risk of hitting trees with the mower.

Should You Do a It Yourself Installation?

You could head to your local garden store and buy a couple bags on your own. Are you truly sure you selected the correct variety for your landscaping? Do you select mulch based on color or composition?  

KX Lawn is the Lawrence IN mulch expert and has many years of experience choosing and installing the correct mulch for the best results. Through our trusted suppliers, we offer different colors, substrates and styles to compliment and care for your yard.  Additionally, we offer spring cleanup services, lawn mowing services, as well as entire lawn maintenance plans to ensure your yard is always vibrant.

Style and Colors

We work with nearby distributors to provide mulches in a variety of styles, substrates and colors. We’ll help you choose the best mulch for your property and even find the right color to compliment your home or commercial property!

Whether you need a couple of bushels or a mulch installation plan, KX Lawn is ready to handle any sized project. Call today for your initial consultation. We’re happy to answer any questions about mulch installation or any of our other services.

Lawrence Indiana Mulch Delivery

KX Lawn offers delivery to homeowners and commercial property owners.


Why You Can Trust KX Lawn, Our Values

KX Lawn has been working tirelessly to set down strong roots in the landscaping industry.  In the company’s first years, lawn mowing was our only business. Since then, in response to client demand, I have expanded my services to include other aspects of exterior grounds maintenance.

As a company, we are constantly evolving to fit our customer’s needs and the demands in the industry.  KX Lawn invites you to discover what many families, businesses, and associations have already discovered:  We deliver excellent service with quality products at competitive prices. 

Lawrence IN Mulch Installation

Proper Install:   For optimal performance, groundcover should be installed at a depth of 3-4 inches and rocks should be at a depth of 2-3 inches.  It’s important that these items are installed properly to ensure performance and protection. We are careful that materials are not laid too close to the structure siding or due any damage to the house.

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With KX Lawn installations, we offer a variety of groundcovers and rock options for our clients. We use the highest quality materials so your planting beds maintain that vibrant look for an extended amount of time. Even when using the highest quality groundcover, mulch should be replaced yearly due to decomposition and rocks (pea gravel, blue stone gravel, red gravel, slate, river rock) should be replaced every 2-3 years depending on condition.

Lawrence Mulch Installation & Delivery

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I look forward to serving you, treating your home with the same care we would treat our own home!

Contact Craig if you are interested in having your lawn serviced by a pro! We value long term relationships with our customers and look forward to having you as a satisfied customer for years to com

KX Lawn is completely locally owned and operated. In addition to our primary mowing service, we also offer mulch and shrub care. We pride ourselves on quality work at each and every job.

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Fishers IN Mulch Installation

Proper Install: For optimal performance, groundcover should be installed at a depth of 3-4 inches and rocks should be at a depth of 2-3 inches. It’s important that these items are installed properly to ensure performance and protection. We are careful that materials are not laid too close to the structure siding or due any damage to the house.

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Fishers IN Lawn Service

Greenery in this area begins to wake up from dormancy in late March. By mid April, yards are ready for the first cut. We pay close attention to all our clients turf to ensure we aren’t damaging it in any way. Part of our strategy is changing the cutting pattern every so often to prevent ruts. Following the same path will tend to leave markings, regardless of the mower size. Our clients properties are treated with the utmost respect and integrity. We treat their homes as if they were our own.

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