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I look forward to serving you, treating your home with the same care we would treat our own home!

Contact Craig if you are interested in having your lawn serviced by a pro! We value long term relationships with our customers and look forward to having you as a satisfied customer for years to com

KX Lawn is completely locally owned and operated. In addition to our primary mowing service, we also offer mulch and shrub care. We pride ourselves on quality work at each and every job.

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Fishers IN Lawn Service

Greenery in this area begins to wake up from dormancy in late March. By mid April, yards are ready for the first cut. We pay close attention to all our clients turf to ensure we aren’t damaging it in any way. Part of our strategy is changing the cutting pattern every so often to prevent ruts. Following the same path will tend to leave markings, regardless of the mower size. Our clients properties are treated with the utmost respect and integrity. We treat their homes as if they were our own.

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“Victory Gardens” in Indianapolis

During World War I, Americans were encouraged to grow victory gardens, or war gardens, with slogans declaring, “Food will win the war” and “Sowing the seeds of victory.”

The idea resurfaced during World War II as the Office of Civil Defense encouraged gardens to counter a critical food shortage in America. Men and women who had worked in agriculture were now serving in the armed forces.

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#1 Choice for Lawrence IN Lawn Service

Mowing grass appears simple enough. But choosing the right mower, storing it correctly, and ensuring you keep enough gas on hand soon make it a complicated chore. And just like with vehicles, over time your mower requires new spark plugs, oil, and air filters. But the average homeowner is not going to go for the expenses of maintaining their machinery. Instead, you could just allow us to offer our best quality mowing for less.

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