What Makes KX Lawn the Best FISHERS Indiana Lawn Service?

Are you looking for the best lawn service company in Fishers?  Look no further!  KX has a small and limited goal… to leave your home’s landscape looking as beautiful as possible each and every time we are there.  What makes a lawn care company the best? Let me tell you.


For a lawn care company to be considered the best Fishers Indiana lawn service company in the area, it needs to be a company that you can depend on.   KX Lawn  shows up on time and on a regular schedule. Of course the weather can affect the schedule of any outdoor job, but Craig, the founder of KX Lawn is not going to forget about you just because it rains. This turf company will make sure your home is serviced and taken care of as soon as humanly possible!


As the owner / founder of KX LawnCraig Asbury maintains professionalism at all times. Our company vehicles and equipment are meticulously cared for to insure the highest quality work in the safest, most efficient manner.  We are there to get the job done with the minimal amount of interruption to your day. Because the owner is at every job site, you know exactly who is at your home and what they are doing.  We understand that we work for you!  We are here for you and here to make your property look the very best it can.


If you are paying for a professional turf care company in Fishers IN, then you want it to be knowledgeable. We are continually learning and improving at turf service that.  KX applies that knowledge to caring for your property like it was our own. We are the landscape company in Fishers that has the solution to your turf needs and keeping your landscape beautiful all year round.


KX Lawn is no stranger to hard work.  Craig Asbury built this business as an owner operated, one man operation to serve the local community.  Hard work, long hours, dedication, and a love of our customers is who we are.  KX is in the business of serving their clients with integrity and making their outdoor dreams come true.  We are a family-oriented business and take pride in providing exceptional mowing and lawn maintenance services.  

Best Fishers Indiana Lawn Service

Indianapolis's 1st Choice for Landscape Services

Professional Mowing Services Serving

Fishers, Fortville, Geist, Lawrence, McCordsville

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The KX Lawn Difference...

In addition to the best Fishers Indiana lawn service,  we offer expert landscape maintenance for Fortville, Lawrence, Fishers, McCordsville and surrounding areas of NE Indianapolis IN.

Greenery in this area begins to wake up from dormancy in late March. By mid April, yards are ready for the first cut.   We pay close attention to all our clients turf to ensure we aren’t damaging it in any way. Part of our strategy is changing the cutting pattern every so often to prevent ruts.  Following the same path will tend to leave markings, regardless of the mower size.  Our clients properties are treated with the utmost respect and integrity. We treat their homes as if they were our own.

Our Fishers mowing service deals with cool season turf grasses which includes rye grass, Kentucky blue grass, fescues and other popular grasses, both residential and commercial. We are experts in all these types of cultivars and know the best practices in mowing and caring for each type to ensure the best growth. The key part of ensuring optimal growth is following the one-third rule which many are unaware of. You should never trim more than one third of the grass blade, doing so stresses grass shoots and slows or prevents optimal growth. Our goal is to allow the grass to take in the proper nutrients through the root, blades and photosynthesis.

Best Fishers Indiana Lawn Service

#1 in Fishers Lawn Care

I look forward to serving you, treating your home with the same care we would treat our own home!

Contact Craig if you are interested in having your lawn serviced by a pro! We value long term relationships with our customers and look forward to having you as a satisfied customer for years to com

KX Lawn is completely locally owned and operated. In addition to our primary mowing service, we also offer mulch and shrub care. We pride ourselves on quality work at each and every job.

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Fishers IN Mulch Installation

Proper Install: For optimal performance, groundcover should be installed at a depth of 3-4 inches and rocks should be at a depth of 2-3 inches. It’s important that these items are installed properly to ensure performance and protection. We are careful that materials are not laid too close to the structure siding or due any damage to the house.

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Best Fishers Indiana Lawn Service

Meanwhile, all of your Fishers IN neighbors are chilling because they have a lawn guy.  

Think you can’t afford a lawn guy?  You’re wrong!  KX lawn is the lawn cutting service for you! Call us today for an estimate.  

Our Standard Lawn Service consists of:

  • Lawn Edging
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Trim Shrubs and Bushes
  • Blowing away Yard Debris

Our Supreme Lawn Service consists of:

  • Weekly Maintenance of Landscape (edge, mow and blow)
  • Trimming of Trees (up to 15 feet)
  •  Landscaping Updates as needed and specified by you

We also offer Yard Clean Up:

  • Spring  and Fall Yard Clean up
  • Removal of built up yard debris 
  • Trimming of Trees (up to 15 feet)
  • Landscaping Updates as needed and specified by you

We also do Rain Gutter Cleaning:
Rain gutters can become clogged regardless of the season. 

  • Rain gutter clogs form due to loose debris that has collected and clumped up in your gutters. 
  • Debris can cause rain water to overflow over the edge of the gutters
  • A clogged rain gutter can damage your roof and accumulate water under the roof shingles
  • Leaking rain gutters can cause paint to peel, soil to erode and cause mold damage

Clearing your gutters of mounds of dead leaves and debris isn’t easy.  Doing it yourself is not easy or safe, and can be very time consuming. Leave the cleaning to us. We will clean your rain gutters the right way at an affordable price. 

We also offer Pressure Washing!

When you have Spring Hill Lawn Service as your Lawn  cutting service, you get the following benefits:

1. We will mow, edge and blow your lawn on the same day every week. 

2. No BS, no gimmicks, no upcharges, no extra hidden fees. 

3. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call us anytime. 

We’re a no nonsense lawn cutting service.  We take great pride in what we do and provide you with exceptional service.

So go jump in the pool and relax, you deserve it!

Spring Hill Lawn Service offers Weekly Mowing and Trimming Service in Spring Hill, Brooksville, Hudson, Hernando and Pasco Counties

We can handle all of your lawn care needs.  We want to be your lawn guys.   So submit our easy online form or give us a call today at 352-269-4848 for a free estimate,  we will provide fast and friendly service.